Tricksters swipe mobile phones from beauty parlor


Employees at a beauty parlor are warning other storekeepers to be aware of scam artist who took mobile phones from their shop at the weekend.Amanda Clay, who runs T Birds and Pink Ladies in Annesley, was left gutted after the shop was targeted by 2 guys.The males, who were of foreign descent, entered the Forest Road shop on Saturday at about 2.30 pm.They declared they wanted to reserve a visit for their disabled mom and asked about access.


After being shown around, they then left the building and it was not up until a short time later on that the employees understood their phones had actually been swiped from the reception desk.Amanda stated: We were not suspicious. They seemed authentic and actually wanted to do this.We were simply attempting to assist them.I showed them the back and wheelchair access.


They constructed out they could not actually speak English.They had a leaflet with them which they put on the reception desk, over our phones, and then they took them.They were in the store about seven or eight minutes, and they appeared truly real, I expect that s how they do it and get away with it.They stated they were Spanish, but they didn`t sound it.


We were absolutely gutted and really upset. Your life is on a phone you have your contacts and pictures and everything else.It`s the inconvenience of needing to arrange it out and I`m angry that they had the audacity to do? it.I expect it could have been even worse so I m glad it didn`t turn violent. I just want others to be aware and hope they weren`t fall for it.The phones taken were a Samsung Galaxy S5 with a gold case, and a red HTC.


Among the men was described as remaining in his mid 20s, slim, about 6ft, with a beard, hair shaved round the back and sides and slightly longer on top.He was wearing a red jacket and dark pants.The second had to do with 5ft 8in, in his 20s, with a stocky build and using dark clothes.Anyone with info is being asked to contact police on 101, pricing estimate incident 499 of March 19, or phone Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.

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